Quick facts about HotBolt
Operating temperature: Up to 1050C
Material selection: B7, B16, 422C, B8M, SS, Inconel 625&718, Duplex, Superduplex, Alloy 800, etc.
In compliance with: NORSOK, TR2000 and international Codes & standards
Documentation: Material certificates, FEM Analyses, Pre-stress calculations
Procedures: Installation procedure
Installation: Field installation and supervision services
Maintenance: Fields inspections, studies, recommendations, field maintenance work

HotBolt™ is a bolt concept specially designed for use on steel structures exposed to elevated operating temperatures, heat cycles, and on steel structures exposed to temperature gradients. The optimal solution for Gas turbine exhaust systems, Waste heat recovery systems, HRSG & Steam systems, Incinerators & hot process systems and Flare systems.

The HotBolt™, being in Patent Pending, is a further development of traditional Tension Bolts available in the market. The unique design of the HotBolt™ allows for bolting of structures out of parallelism, and bolting of structures being severe warped and deformed due to heat cycles and temperature gradients. Examples on such structures are Gas Turbine Exhaust Ducting, WHRU and HRSG units, Exhaust Diverter Valves, Incinerators, and Flare Tip Piping with Steel Structures.